Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Social Media Influences Business Protocols - Topic Outline

Post Title: “Social Media Influences Business Protocols”

Business ethics and public relations are how a business communicates their moral standards to society

In this paragraph, I will go into depth, using some information out of my business textbook to explain the ethical goals of a traditional business. I will then incorporate some of my professor’s information into the paragraph to expand the topic into more current events. I will be able to draw links to past ethical failures and successes of companies.

Social media is changing the way businesses communicate with the public.

This paragraph will explain how the introduction of social media may change the way businesses plan to communicate with the public. I will use information found in the Journal of Business Ethics. This information will touch on topics such as “corporate social responsibility” and “transparency.” I can include a couple key interview videos from my professor regarding transparency.

Companies can change the way they operate.

I can pull information from a paper, published by the Public Relations Society of America, which will explain how companies can adapt to the new technology. This publication explains what companies can do specifically for public relations; while my professor may offer some insight on how companies may change ethically and problems that could possibly occur.

Social media may make it easier for everyone to see a business’s corporate social responsibility.

I will use the rest of my information found from section five “convergence” from the book Putting the Public
Back in Public Relations. I will also offer statistics relating how many companies now use online social media. This paragraph will conclude my research paper.

Some citizens are fans of the new way businesses use social media to express their corporate goals and initiatives.

Here, I will use some non-expert audioboos from friends and family that will give the audience a feel of whether or not they feel businesses with online presence are perceived as better than competitors that do not operate, at least somewhat, online.

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